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Dusen: Scott Turner for district attorney

Don Dusen, Silverthorne

In 2008 a majority of Americans obviously determined that qualifications, experience and leadership at our federal government’s highest level would not make a difference in how our nation would be governed. But those of us who are now paying attention know that to be a mistake of Titanic proportion.

Locally, we should learn from that unfortunate experience and cast our votes only for the most qualified and the most experienced candidates possessing exemplary leadership qualities.

One such candidate is Scott Turner who is seeking the office of District Attorney, 5th Judicial District. With over 20 years of experience in criminal law, including 9 years as a prosecuting attorney, and over 100 jury trials, these qualifications alone make Scott the only logical choice for our district attorney. For more qualifications, endorsements and biographical information, see his website http://www.scottturner4da.com.

Having an inexperienced amateur in the White House for the past four years should teach us that putting a similarly situated person in charge of prosecuting criminals in our own back yards, short of being a disaster, would certainly not make us or our children safer. Vote for Scott Turner.

Don Dusen, Silverthorne

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