Eco-intrigue in the backyard |

Eco-intrigue in the backyard

Karina Wetherbee
Special to the Daily

“The Hydra Effect” by Colorado resident, V. Christian Kingsford (Foxx Group, 2012), is a tidy book with timely 21st century themes melding romance, western vistas and a planet in peril. With quick, curt scene changes that flit the reader from helicopter to speeding car to the back of a rearing horse, this action-adventure brings to mind heroes of the big screen, namely Harrison Ford during his glory days. The narrative follows a retired Black Op agent who is unwillingly thrust back into the hot seat, naturally with a lovely, witty and whip-smart woman at his side.

The local western scenery and lifestyle drive the story, which brings international intrigues to a peaceful mountain community. The author clearly is connected to where he lives, and his love of home is evident in every page. His fascination with mythology and history also flows through the narrative, though the monster needing slaying is modern man’s greed and his penchant for over-consumption, rather than the literal many-headed beast from Greek mythology.

More familiar beasts do abound, however, namely bears of all sorts, wolverines and snakes … though not on a plane. A dire future awaits, for both man and beast, as well as for the earth all inhabit – but maybe, just maybe, a hero can save the day.

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