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Eliopoulus: Thanks to Jared Polis

As a local business owner, I want to thank Congressman Jared Polis for his introduction of a bill to protect the national forests in our county that make Breckenridge such a great place to visit. As a businessman himself, I think Congressman Polis understands the needs of our recreation economy. His support of wilderness legislation supports future tourism and the jobs it will bring.

Your article last month “U.S. House Candidates reach the Summit” mentioned that Congressman Polis’ challenger, Kevin Lundberg, is also a businessman, but it did not say what his stance was on wilderness for our county.

I hope Mr. Lundberg supports wilderness, since Coloradans of both parties care deeply about both jobs and our environment. The fate of our recreation economy shouldn’t hinge on an election but should be supported by every candidate who hopes to represent this beautiful place. Sincerely,

Gus Eliopoulus, Breckenridge