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Eppstein: A loser and a winner

Some days ago, I was reading an article about the district attorney’s race in the Summit Daily News. In the beginning of the article, criminal defense attorney Bruce Brown mentioned that the district attorney’s office had not done well in their cases and cited several stats as to why this is the case. When the reporter asked him about his own record at trial, he said it was not important. I thought, beyond the obvious hypocrisy, why would he say that? Scott Turner connected the dots for me. He said Brown had not won a trial in Clear Creek County, where he mostly tries cases, in five years. That is an incredible losing streak and it makes sense that he would not want to mention it. I know the district attorney is a person who, along with the police, makes sure we are safe. An attorney who has not won a case in five years, in the area where he tries most of his cases, is not a person I trust to protect me or the community. This is why I am supporting Scott Turner for district attorney – scottturner4da.com. He is the candidate who has the experience and the record to win cases and keep our communities safe.

Gala Eppstein, Breckenridge