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Every: Vote for Obama – again

I continue to be absolutely gobsmacked by voters who think and talk like the SDN’s resident curmudgeon – er, conservative – Mr. Liddick. Whether “swing voters” or dyed-in-the-trunks GOPers, their depiction of our president is not one I recognize in the least. Do they seriously believe that anyone brave or crazy enough to even want the job in 2008 could possibly have waved a magic wand over what was the brink of a second Great Depression, making everything all rosy again only four years later?! This thinking is absurd – time to turn off Fox “News” and dig out the history books, folks!

And let us not forget that their favorite party in CONgress (the opposite of PROgress?…) made its “number-one priority” (per Republican Senate Leader McConnell) the defeat of President Obama for a second term – all the while not governing in lieu of stalling, obstructing, and redefining a “majority” as 60 out of 100, to name just a few of their awesome achievements.

Some of these haters are just plain racist; others are so desperate for another conservative in office that, while some rightly dismissed the McCain-Palin ticket as a disaster-in-waiting, they are willing to hold their noses or their breath this time and hope that the inauthentic chameleon Romney won’t do exactly what George W. Bush did: drive us off a cliff while he Goldman-Sucks up to 1 percent-Wall-Street fat cats and takes his marching orders from the same neocons who mired us in ten years of war-is-hell and resultant economic catastrophe.

Mr. Obama took out Osama, ended the Iraq debacle, rescued the auto industry, and improved the lives of women and people without healthcare. Jobs and houses are making a comeback. No president is perfect, but what more do these arrogant ingrates want, anyway? All of the items in Mr. Liddick’s “countdown” can be attributed to both Wall Street greed and President Bush the younger, whose inability to lead brought us to economic collapse and a rush to war under false pretenses. If the electorate can give Bush four more years to complete the mess he made, surely Obama can be given a second term to finish his attempt at digging us out of it.

If you voted for President Obama in 2008, you must get off your campus or your couch on or by Nov. 6 and do so again. We are only now beginning to recover from narrowly averted disaster. Returning to failed leadership and policies of the pre-Obama decade may indeed sink us, just as we are finally coming up for air. Sincerely,