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Fairbanks: Peak 6 to the Beavers, no end in sight

Jodi Fairbanks, Breckenridge

After reading about A-Basin’s most recent approved expansion, I must admit my sinking disappointment. However, I have grown accustomed to such discontent, as in the last few years, expansion seems to be occurring with no end in sight.

Montezuma Bowl in A-Basin. Peak 6 in Breckenridge. Aspen has proposed a Snowmass expansion, though they claim to support the Whiter River National Forest’s Alternative D, a plan that would limit expansion to promote biodiversity over corporate interests. And now the beavs. When will it stop?

All to often our governmental regulatory agencies align with industry rather than with public interest. I was recently shown the environmental degradation of Colorado’s public lands by EcoFlight. This non-profit out of Aspen flies conservation groups, press, politicians and students to educate and advocate for the environment. Our BLM lands are being drilled relentlessly, often at high cost and with low profits, and generally without the public’s awareness or consent. Is industry ruling our national forests as well?

The EIS is the next step in moving the Basin’s master plan forward, in the mean time; I believe we all need to think about what we really want for our public lands. We must look to the future; think long term about what we want for Summit County. While the public often cannot stand up to the interests of the industry that surrounds us, we are lucky to live in a place where we have a voice. I hope we all use that power, and advocate for a piece of sidecountry we do not want lost. If we don’t draw the line somewhere, where will it end?

Jodi Fairbanks, Breckenridge

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