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Faust: Conventional morality needs to change

Re: “Sexual-orientation and preference taking precedent over conventional morality,” by Bud Hill, letters, Nov. 21

Good. If, using Hill’s words, conventional morality says that homosexuality is “deviant,” then conventional morality needs to change.

At various places and times in human history, “conventional morality” has condoned slavery, honor killings, the subjugation of women, holy wars and a cavalcade of what modern civilized society would consider atrocities.

Furthermore, according to psychologist, Lawrence Kohlberg’s six stages of moral development, “conventional morality,” is pretty low in the states of moral reasoning. It is considered an adolescent way of moral reasoning in which a rule’s appropriateness or fairness is seldom questioned.

Besides Hill’s complete ignorance (willful or otherwise) regarding the science behind sexual orientation, his letter is filled with the type of bigotry you would expect based on his low level of moral reasoning.

Fortunately for society, Hill’s views are becoming things of the past. This country has seen an overwhelming shift in views regarding the civil rights of LGBTQ Americans over the last 20 years. A prime example was the November 6th election when every single state in which voters were given the chance to voice the opinion on marriage equality, they overwhelming voted in support of the rights of gays and lesbians to marry, Colorado elected its first gay Speaker of the House, and more gay, lesbian, and bisexual politicians have been elected into office than any time in the history of this country.