Free Elete show at Alma’s Only Bar tonight |

Free Elete show at Alma’s Only Bar tonight

Interview by Erica Marciniec
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Special to the DailySometimes described as 'industrial metal' but not fond of being pigeonholed, Elete brings a free show to Alma's Only Bar tonight.

Alma’s Only Bar welcomes “industrial metal” band Elete tonight, though band founder, songwriter and vocalist Roman Only hates to put a label on the sound. Here’s what Only had to say:

Heh, that’s my least favorite question to answer. I don’t like to pigeonhole what we do into one category because people can get the wrong idea. We usually get described as industrial metal. Think Powerman, Rammstein, or Gravity Kills. We do some really heavy stuff; we do some middle-of-the-tracks rock-type stuff; we break it down occasionally and bring in pianos, strings, more organic and moving styles; we even have a song that has rap in it.

It’s a combination of the work of a lot of other musicians and our obligation as humans to inspire change in the world. A lot of people of our species forget that we are of the same mold, the same roots in the universe – and so they live their lives selfishly and without consideration. We know that music can be used as a vehicle to mobilize a message of brotherhood, looking out for fellow men and women and working toward common goals instead of stepping on each other’s backs to reach a personal goal. We want our message to be powerful, and that’s why you see us wear masks and look how we do onstage, why we use concepts like “Change your world” and “There is no I in Elete”; we want to inspire people to make our home and ourselves better. We want to take part in fulfilling the human potential.

We go for a high-energy performance. Our appearance is dramatic; the lyrics are compelling and clear; our sound is tweaky and locked in. Because we take advantage of electronics, some interesting things happen to your ears when you catch the on and off beats between instruments and sequences – or if you’re less of an audiophile and just like to rock, each song offers a message and a comfortable and rhythmic arrangement. I think a first-time listener can get into our songs as well as any seasoned fan because our material is so accessible; it’s easy if you want it to be, or you can focus in on those little details that make it more complex.

Our guitarist, The Reverend (Gabriel Williams), wants to give a shout out to Alma; he used to live there and is excited about visiting. Also, if you’d like to hear some Elete, order a hard copy of our single, or even download the single for free; just go to … Other than that we’re just very excited to be part of the festivities and can’t wait to hang out and get to know some new people in our home state.

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