French: Tourists make everything in our community possible |

French: Tourists make everything in our community possible

Bill French, Dillon

Kim, seriously? Your remedy for plastic water bottle debris is to send tourists home?

At the outset, we can certainly agree that the earth would likely be better off with less plastic of all types. However, there are consequences to banning anything or sending tourists home. Have you even considered that our visitors make most everything in our community possible?

A world with no plastic is just as silly as your notion about tourists (“guests” as many of us prefer to think of them). To be clear, I have a hunch our guests are far less likely to litter plastic bottles than Summit County’s own residents. And I think the resorts and most businesses successfully compel residents and guests to recycle plastic bottles and cups. The consequences of constraining water intake by banning the convenience of plastic containers, especially for visitors who must hydrate aggressively to avoid altitude sickness, would probably be bad for guests and our community’s economy.

Bill French, Dillon

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