Frisco museum initiates 5-year plan |

Frisco museum initiates 5-year plan

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The Frisco Historic Park & Museum is set to initiate goals set in its five-year master plan including gaining national accreditation and immersion of digital technology in its exhibits.”We have a responsibility to our community and those who visit to keep our museum interesting and preserving our history while evolving to engage new generations of patrons,” said Simone Belz, museum manager.The new master plan implements goals to achieve museum accreditation, follow the Collections Management Plan, provide excellent museum services and promote the museum and Frisco’s heritage.If the museum gains the accreditation by the American Alliance of Museums, it will be one among a small group of mountain-town museums with the credentials. Museum staff will submit an application to the AAM in April.According to Belz, the Historic Park & Museum staff will put more focus on implementing technology into exhibits to interact with visitors.”We have a great base to add to and we’re working to expand on digital opportunities,” Belz said. “We’re always cooking up new projects for interactive experiences while still maintaining the integrity of historic experience by introducing more interactive digital technology.”One such project is compiling oral history from Frisco’s longtime residents. Once the exhibit is compiled, visitors and residents can visit the museum to listen to stories from Frisco’s past that will be presented by a digital platform.”Patrons will walk in and be able to have the opportunity to experience oral histories through video and audio,” Belz said. “It’s a great project that will really engage visitors to the museum once it’s compiled.”The museum’s five-year plan was designed to align with American Alliance of Museum’s Standards and Characteristics of Excellence. Under the AAM standards, a true museum is an active collecting agency that documents artifacts, historical landmarks as well as written or oral histories. Museum staff has chosen the 1860-1960 time period as a framework for their projects, documenting several historic landmarks and preserving artifacts in an acid-free environment, according to Belz.The museum’s primary goal for the next five years is to sustain a professional public institution, which excels in presenting engaging educational exhibitions, innovative programs and quality heritage experiences. “I think museums are cornerstones and are a great litmus test for health of community – museums are a place for community dialogue, a place for the community to get together and have discussions whether they’re just discussing history or sparking something in our current culture,” Belz said. “We’re creating dialogue and making people think.” The Frisco Historic Park & Museum strives to become an accredited institution within the museum arena and become regionally recognized as an outstanding museum, while continuing to serve as a pivotal center for Summit County’s heritage and tourist attractions. With a focus on collections stewardship, historic preservation and education projects, all fundamental to the museum’s mission, staff will advocate, facilitate and promote excellence in all museum programming and services.”The Frisco Historic Park & Museum plays a vital role in our community’s educational and cultural character,” said Brodie Boilard, spokeswoman for the town of Frisco. “Through the use of historic artifacts, history exhibits, interpretive material and programs, the Frisco Historic Park & Museum conveys the story of Frisco and its people.”

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