Frisco Walmart’s favorite greeter Artur Kazman dies |

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Frisco Walmart’s favorite greeter Artur Kazman dies

Daily file photo/Mark FoxWalmart greeter Artur Kazman, seen here in 2010, was well known for his boisterous and heavily accented greeting at the Frisco store. He died Thursday at age 77.

Well-known Frisco Walmart greeter Artur Kazman died Thursday. He was 77. According to Summit County Coroner Joanne Richardson, he died of natural causes.

Originally from Moscow, Russia, Kazman moved to the U.S. around 1974 and had been in Summit County since 1996. He marked 16 years as a greeter at the Frisco Walmart last September and was known for his signature greetings such as: “Hello, how are you and welcome to Walmart! Please take a cart, yes please, thank you!”

Kazman lived on Airport Road in Breckenridge and commuted via the Summit Stage’s Mountain Mobility van. Thursday morning, when Kazman didn’t come out for his ride, the driver contacted police for a welfare check.

The coroner is looking for information on how to contact Kazman’s family. Anyone with information can call Richardson at (970) 668-2964. The coroner said Kazman may have moved here with a relative several years ago and this relative, a cousin, may have had or still has property here. Kazman worked at Keystone when he first moved here. He spoke Russian and Polish. He may have two brothers in the Chicago area, an ex-wife and possibly a daughter with whom he was estranged.