Frisco Workforce Center works to connect employers with job seekers & grant money |

Frisco Workforce Center works to connect employers with job seekers & grant money

Jessica Smithsummit daily news

The Frisco Workforce Center is reaching out to employers and job seekers alike, hoping to make a match. The center’s current on-the-job training program offers federal grant dollars to employers during a new-hire training period.The way it works is a company hires a new employee and determines what training is necessary for the job. The grant will then cover up to 50 percent of the trainee’s salary for the duration of the training period. The program can be customized for skilled and semi-skilled jobs, and employers can use their own training to teach new employees. The Workforce Center offers companies free screening, assessment and referrals of applicants. Once employees are chosen and hired, the center will assist the companies through the phases of the program, particularly the paperwork and qualification process, to ensure the grant money is received. “What we’re looking to do is put job seekers together with folks who are looking potentially to increase their staff,” said Jack Taylor, business specialist at the Workforce Center.Though there is no official end to the program, it’s likely that it won’t last long. Government agencies are looking closer at their budgets, and cuts are being made to training programs such as this one. “As long as those dollars are available to our community, we need to take advantage of them,” said Workforce Center director Rosemary Pettus. “Our goal is to ensure that businesses benefit from these grant dollars while the funding remains available.”For more information, employers and job seekers can contact the Frisco Workforce Center directly at (970) 668-5360, or at its location on 602 Galena St. in Frisco.

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