Frisco’s Condos Off Main construction sparks neighborhood complaints |

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Frisco’s Condos Off Main construction sparks neighborhood complaints

Summit Daily/Mark Fox

FRISCO – Construction of the Condos Off Main development will continue through the winter regardless of weather conditions and complaints from neighboring residents.

The development, first presented to the planning commission May 3, has drawn attention from nearby residents concerned about incongruity of the size and appearance of the complex.

According to Larry Feldman, developer of the Condos Off Main project, he and his contractors will be constructing the project through the winter, doing “whatever it takes,” to continue through inclement weather.

“If we need to, we’ll get out snow shovels to continue construction,” Feldman said. “We have been doing that in Frisco for 30 years – we employ people in the community and there are certain things to keep people working that we’re willing to do. We’ll even build a warming tent around the construction site if needed.”

Frisco resident Roselee Carney, who lives nearby the development, said the construction has caused power outages and motivated other complaints.

According to Carney, the neighborhood has lost power three times from contractors at the construction site “accidentally cutting power lines.”

“I live in the front of the building so it doesn’t really affect me, but the back neighbors, that don’t live here full-time were here last weekend getting disrupted by noise at six in the morning,” she said. “We’ll all have to deal with this construction right here in the middle of town for quite awhile, I’m sure.”

Feldman and his contractors finalized a contract on the land with the town of Frisco July 2011, according to Jocelyn Mills, community development director for the town.

The Condos Off Main construction began approximately 40 days ago with the installation of water and sewer pipes from the alleyway into the development lot.

Installation and construction of the first foundation started two weeks ago. Currently, contractors are beginning the construction of a single-family two-bedroom unit. The building will be 1,100 square feet with a two-car garage, Feldman said.

The two-bedroom unit will be ready for occupancy in March or April.

“It is what it is,” Carney said. “It’s very big for that lot, but there’s nothing we can really do now except deal with the noise from construction and limited parking.”

Feldman and his contractors are following the construction of the two-bedroom unit “very quickly” with the construction of buildings 2 and 3 along Granite Street. The buildings will contain 11 two-, three- and four-bedroom units, Feldman said.

“We have followed the path that we started down with the town a year ago in getting this project shovel-ready as quickly as possible providing jobs for local folks and we’re doing it,” Feldman said.

The entire development is slated to be occupancy ready by September or October.

Feldman said eight of the 12 units in the development are already under contract.

“I think it speaks for itself when families have given us a contract for the property,” Feldman said. “They’ve made a decision to buy something new, something that is downtown and offers indoor parking – We’ve been showing nearly identical units at Boulevard Bend and we’ve been getting very good feedback.”