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Funktion plays Alma’s Only Bar

Special to the Daily/Dean SchreuderFunktion promises a fun, free, funk show at Alma's Only Bar tonight. Band member Hugh Little compares the group's sound to what would happen if you put 'James Brown, the Chili Peppers, 311, Duke Ellington and Al Green in a gigantic blender.'

Funktion, the seven-man funk band from Kalamazoo, Mich., plays a free show at Alma’s Only Bar tonight at 9:30. Here, keyboardist and back-up singer Hugh Little breaks it down – and cracks you up at the same time.

We play music that gets people moving, stemming from funk, rock and hip-hop. Our lyrics mainly center around love and positivity. It’s hard to classify our sound with an existing genre.

Our musical inspiration is a juxtaposition of many different musical upbringings. Just imagine if you put James Brown, the Chili Peppers, 311, Duke Ellington and Al Green in a gigantic blender. We’ve been compared to Maroon 5 a few times, but I think it’s just because our lead singer looks a little like Adam Levine.As far as the inspiration behind the drive of the band … we do it because we love it and we love watching people get down. The energy we feel from a raging crowd – like all of you crazies in the High Country – is like a drug. We’re addicted.

We have joked about it for years but it didn’t happen until a few weeks ago. After accelerating onto the highway we realized we had left our bass player, Neal. I was pushing to just continue on and pick him up on the way home, but my opinion was not taken seriously.

Try to get a nap in because we’ll be raging hard all night. It’s gonna be epic.

Right now we’ve been writing as many songs as possible, one after another. Some of them make the cut and others don’t, but that’s the beauty of creativity; it’s infinite. Within the next year we’ve got big plans for new releases.

Alma will forever be one of our favorite stops in the country. … We’ll be coming from opening up for Arrested Development in Lincoln, Neb., so we’ll be high energy and ready to take a journey with all our good friends in Alma.