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Galvin: Reagan part of the problem

After reading Michael Reagan’s article on Sunday I came to the conclusion that he is not part of the solution but the problem. Mainly bad attitude. And at the other end is delusion. Ronald Reagan was not a good president for this country. He moved our country backwards, not forwards. He was basically a poser, a B-rated actor who went into politics. He was a man of little substance. The right makes him out as some kind of icon, but he left our country in a recession, that’s a common trend for our republican presidents.

The last time a Republican balanced the national budget was Eisenhower. But Republicans have a long-standing trend of leaving our country worse off than when they took office. Ronald Reagan was the tool that wiped out the American family farmer when he changed things over to the big industrial farms getting the government assistance and the little guy getting left behind. Another common trend amongst the right, favoring big industry over what helps the average American.

In over a half century that I have been around I have not seen anything that a Republican president has done to make America better for the poor or middle class. What grand legislation have they ever passed that was a benchmark for America moving ahead.

Mike Galvin, Dillon