Gardner: Inaction in D.C. and Benghazi |

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Gardner: Inaction in D.C. and Benghazi

Mr. Obama stated during the third debate, “Now, with respect to Libya, as I indicated in the last debate, when we received that phone call, I immediately made sure that, number one, we did everything we could to secure those Americans who were still in harm’s way; …”, and several days after that debate Defense Secretary Leon Panetta stated, “he and senior U.S. military commanders felt strongly that they should not put U.S. forces at risk at the time.”

Yesterday (Nov. 1) multiple news organizations, including CBS, reported something else was not done to secure those Americans in harm’s way.

CBS News learned that during the Sept. 11 attack on the U.S. Mission in Benghazi, the Obama Administration did not convene its top interagency counterterrorism resource: the Counterterrorism Security Group, (CSG).

“The CSG is the one group that’s supposed to know what resources every agency has. They know of multiple options and have the ability to coordinate counterterrorism assets across all the agencies,” a high-ranking government official told CBS News. “They were not allowed to do their job. They were not called upon.”

Let’s review. Mr. Obama stated, “I immediately made sure that, … , we did everything we could to secure those Americans …”, the Secretary of Defense confirmed that the U.S. military did nothing and the Counterterrorism Security Group was not allowed to do its job.

The American people deserve to know what was done more than seven weeks ago on September 11th to “secure those Americans” because the evidence is mounting that Mr. Obama and his administration did nothing for some reason. We’re not asking for a full report at this time but Mr. Obama refuses to tell us what was done on Sept. 11th before the election.