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Gary Lindstrom: Kucinich is not the only one seeing close encounters

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Unidentified Flying Objects have been in the news lately.

It came up during a recent Democratic presidential debate. Apparently, Congressman Dennis Kucinich, D-Ohio, had previously stated publicly that he had personally seen a UFO. When he was asked about it, he admitted to making the statement and having seen a UFO. Three cheers for the congressman for his courage and honesty. No cheers for the press who made a major joke out of his statement.

That was followed this past week by a national conference in Washington D.C. of a group of very credible people relating their experiences having seen UFOs during their careers. The participants were from seven countries and the United States. One was a former Governor of Arizona. Another witness was a former four-star general from Belgium. A lot of airline pilots came forward to share what they had seen.

Transcripts of astronauts talking about seeing UFOs in space were read.

When I was a police agent working in Lakewood, there was a report of a sighting above the power lines on South Table Top Mountain near Golden. The witnesses said that the saucer like craft hovered above the power lines for about five minutes and then lifted straight up into the sky. In Summit County in the early 1980s, we had a report of an aircraft hovering above the Dillon Reservoir. It was black and had red, blue, yellow and green lights. It did not make any sound.

When it left it shot straight up into the sky out of sight.

A couple of days later we had the same report of something above the landfill near Keystone. Some campers were disturbed while sleeping and they woke up to see this “ship” above the landfill.

The classic local event actually made the front page of the National Enquirer. I will not use the real names because one of the witnesses still works and lives in Summit County.

I was living on Straight Creek Drive in Dillon Valley. The Sheriff at the time lived on Straight Creek Drive also, but at the other end. We always left our radios on at home just to monitor what was happening in the county.

All of a sudden the communications center broadcast that a strange aircraft had been sighted above Silverthorne and they dispatched one of our deputies. A high ranking elected official at the time also monitored the police radio and started in that direction too. The Sheriff and I decided not to respond.

The deputy drove north to about Ute Pass road where they encountered the UFO hovering in the sky. They watched it for a time and it left and they went back home.

The National Enquirer picked up the story and ran it the next week with a photo of the deputy in uniform pointing to the sky. The Sheriff and I to this day are thankful we did not respond. When I was in the Air Force, there was a major government project tracking sightings of UFOs. It was tagged “Project Blue Book,” and I remember reading many accounts of Air Force pilots and ground personnel seeing UFOs in the air and on the ground. It is reported that there were more than 12,618 UFO reports from 1947 to 1969.

Reports indicate that the CIA in 1987 tried to hush up the sighting of a huge lighted ball four times the size of a jumbo jet.

Around the same time, the Summit County Communications Center received calls from the Frisco area about a bright object racing down Ten Mile Canyon on I 70 at a high rate of speed. Witnesses in Copper Mountain had the same sighting and reported that it continued up to the top of Vail Pass. Eagle County Dispatch received many calls as the lighted object continued west. The last reports of sightings came from Glenwood Springs.

Talk about being bipartisan, it has been reported that Ronald Reagan and Jimmy Carter both have seen UFOs. The strangest story that I remember was when a man was kidnapped in the winter by a group of men dressed in full white uniforms and then was tied up and hung from a tree in Monte Cristo Gulch south of Breckenridge.

That may or may not be a UFO story, but it certainly happened and was strange. The victim could not have tied himself up and then hung himself from a tree.

He was not harmed and was rescued by a local resident passing by his location.

We always knew that Army Rangers sometimes did night training in the snow in Summit County, so that might account for the men in white uniforms. Of course, the Army denied having anyone in the area.

Another Army tie in. The Army High Altitude Helicopter training center is at Eagle County Airport in Gypsum. They fly over Summit County all the time. The only problem with that is I have never heard a quiet helicopter.

Maybe I witnessed some of this stuff. Maybe not. My lips are sealed. I might want to run for president someday.