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Gessner: 4-12 years not an acceptable sentence

What is a human life worth? What of a person who deliberately and calculatedly takes another person?s life? Do we want that person in our community or any human community?

Gregory Scott Gavin supposedly killed Karl Kohler in “the heat of passion” in that he was “in fear of his life.” But by Gavin’s own confession, Karl did not have a weapon and was on his hands and knees when Gavin began swinging away at his head with a baseball bat. Although Karl was immediately incapacitated, Gavin kept swinging. Gavin left the scene but returned again to beat him again to make sure he was dead. Where is the “in fear of his life” issue in all that?

The DA has pleaded this down to a lesser charge that carries only 4-12 years. Not having control over that issue, we are pleading with the court to assess the maximum years in the sentencing for this horrifically brutal act. Twelve years is not even close to being an acceptable sentence, but let us keep Mr. Gavin’s freedom from him for as long as possible.

The court date is today at 1:30 p.m., Courtroom K, at the Summit County Courts in Breckenridge. Please attend the proceedings if possible to voice your support.

One also has to wonder if the public outcry and interest might be more if Karl had been other than a permanent camper in our forests. Let us hope that the value of human life is not determined by a person?s material assets. Karl was big on heart and I hope that his value is based more on that, than on his belongings. His value as my friend is priceless.

Steve Gessner, Dillon