Gifford: A hawkeyed reader sets the record straight |

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Gifford: A hawkeyed reader sets the record straight

I would just like to educate your readers in regards to the picture published on Saturday’s front page taken by Mr. Linfield. The bird in question is an immature bald eagle sitting with one of his parents. Mr. Linfield is correct; a red-tailed hawk would never be that close to another raptor, and the size of a red-tailed hawk would be much smaller than a bald eagle. Based on the size of the bird, the coloring of the feathers and the size and shape of the beak, this is probably a bird born last year. Its feathers will not turn white with the yellow beak and feet until some time between its fifth and sixth years of life when it sexually matures. It is wonderful to see the parent still keeping an eye on its offspring. After working with raptors for nearly 15 years, it is also wonderful to see more of the bald eagles in Summit County.

Pat Gifford, Breckenridge