Girvin: Local pet owners in luck |

Girvin: Local pet owners in luck

Leigh Girvin, Breckenridge

Re: “Thanks to Dr. Ed,” by Jim Callison, letters, Oct. 19

A letter in today’s paper had a great suggestion for pet owners from local vet, Dr. Ed Hastain: find a dead porcupine and introduce your dog to it so your pet can learn about the hazards of encountering a porker. Of course, the challenge is to find a dead porcupine that isn’t next to the highway.

Local pet owners are in luck. There is the hide of a dead porcupine, quills and all, next to the Minnie Mine Trail in French Gulch east of Breckenridge. Your pet will have fun finding it, hopefully with a positive outcome for all.

Leigh Girvin, Breckenridge

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