Gunn: Celebrate ‘National Animal Shelter Reform Week’ |

Gunn: Celebrate ‘National Animal Shelter Reform Week’

Susan Gunn, Dillon

Help celebrate Nov. 4 as the official kickoff of “National Animal Shelter Reform Week” across the United States!

In the last 15 years, animal shelters in California, Kentucky, Indiana, New York, Michigan, Nevada, Virginia, Texas and elsewhere, have implemented a bold series of programs and services to increase adoptions, reduce birthrates and keep animals with their responsible caretakers. As a result, they are saving upwards of 95 percent of all impounded animals in their animal control facilities. This is true reform and a huge step in the right direction for animal shelters that used to kill 95 percent instead.

These communities are diverse in every way: some are urban, some rural; some are politically liberal, some conservative; some have high per-capita incomes, some are poverty-stricken. But what these communities do share is leadership at their shelters who have a passion for lifesaving!

We in Summit County are kind, caring and generous. We love animals! So let’s take the next step and ask, “How does our municipal animal shelter measure up?”

Are we one of the many communities that is more than doubling adoptions? Are we one of the many communities that offers adoption hours that work for working folks? Are we one of the many communities with a foster/shelter care program for orphaned babies so they can be saved? In short, does our municipal animal shelter reflect our values?

No Kill is a humane, sustainable, cost-effective model that works hand-in-hand with public health and safety, while fulfilling a fiscal responsibility to taxpayers. The success of this approach across the country is proven, just look around.

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So let’s move even faster toward an inevitable No Kill nation by doing our part right here at home in Summit. Visit the shelter, ask questions and offer your helping hand.

Susan Gunn, Dillon

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