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Gurko: Nothing in Bible about voting

Steve Gurko

Re: “Perhaps Christians should permanently abstain from voting, by Ed Herford, letters, Oct 23

Thanks to Ed Herford for his thoughtful, well-reasoned response to my letter published October 14. No doubt some will follow Ed’s approach.

I feel, though, that there’s a big difference between, on the one hand, voting for various candidates in various spiritual positions, and on the other, electing as the nation’s top leader a man who all his life has opposed in an organized, systematic way the most basic of Biblical truths including the gospel. Among other things, a man who believes he’s becoming a God, to be worshiped, hardly possess the personal humility needed by a president.

I find nothing in the Bible or elsewhere which imposes a duty to vote in every contest every time. I’ll vote in all the others on Nov. 6, but will abstain in just this one as a matter of conscience.

Thanks for your input Ed! I’ll keep considering what you said.

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