Gurko: Only remedy for Bible believers is to abstain from voting |

Gurko: Only remedy for Bible believers is to abstain from voting

Steve Gurko

President Obama has declared that Gov Romney’s Mormon religion shouldn’t be an issue. But many voters who believe in the Bible will be troubled by the governor’s unbiblical perception of God.

According to the Bible, there has always been and will always be only one God. He is without beginning or end as God, and is the Almighty Creator of all things.

In contrast, the Mormons teach that our God is just one of a vast number of Gods of equal status, each with his own universe; that our God started out as a man but worked his way up to Godhood through righteous living; and that any man living today can do the same. Hence the well-known Mormon saying: “As man is, God once was. As God is, man can become.”

From the Biblical perspective, these Mormon teachings are not merely wrong but blasphemous. A blasphemy is an utterance which discredits God or takes away from His sovereignty and uniqueness. The Mormon teachings do exactly that to the God of the Bible.

Gov. Romney is a loyal Mormon who has served as a Mormon missionary and dedicated millions of dollars to his religion. Thus he approves its reversion to the pagan concept of a multitude of Gods. Bible believers will realize that his election would deeply offend the God in whom they believe, with incalculable consequences for our country.

President Obama’s views on abortion and homosexuality are likewise unbiblical. In this election, the only remedy for Bible believers is to abstain.

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