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Hackers breach CU computers

BOULDER ” Some 29,000 students as well as 7,000 professors and research staff at the University of Colorado-Boulder are at risk for identity theft after hackers broke into a computer server containing information used to issue identification cards, the school announced Monday.

There is no evidence that personal information was stolen from the server used to issue the Buff OneCard, the school said in a statement.

Students and faculty use the card for several purposes, such as accessing campus buildings, including dorms, and as a library card.

“As a consequence of this incident, we will take steps to further increase security of the Buff OneCard,” said Larry Drees, director of the Buff OneCard program.

Information on the server includes Social Security numbers, names and photographs. The school will reissue the ID card and warned those affected to protect themselves from identity theft.

The unauthorized access was reported to the Information Technology Services department on July 27.

Earlier in July, the school said about 42,900 people may have been at risk for identity theft after hackers broke into two computer servers at the school’s health center and architecture school. The health center’s computers stored the names, Social Security numbers, addresses and dates of birth of about 42,000 people, along with about 2,000 lab test results.

The architecture school’s servers contained names and Social Security numbers for about 900 people, the school said.

All three incidents were being investigated by law enforcement.