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Harrison: Gavin gets too short of sentence

Some may have forgotten about Karl Kohler’s murder, but I haven’t. I recently learned that his murderer is going to get a ridiculously short sentence. His killer, Gregory Scott Gavin, was an all too-familiar face, especially on the Summit Stage and to think that the man who sat behind me on many occasions was a cold-blooded killer scares the daylights out of me. This was an act of violence that we should not tolerate in Summit County. Karl may have lived on the outskirts of society but he was every bit as human as the rest of us and his murderer should never be allowed back on the streets (or woods). He robbed us of a beautiful human being, no one has that right. We, as a community and our law enforcement should be doing all we can to have Gregory Scott Gavin sentenced to a long life in prison. I encourage everyone who cares about the integrity of this community to contact the Breckenridge Police Department to keep our town and our trails safe.

Susan Harrison, Breckenridge