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Hertzberg: What women want

Morgan Liddick’s latest column about “what women want” is possibly the most offensive column he has ever written. It is especially offensive because he says the Democratic Party is the group who has determined that the women of Colorado want most of all to have someone to pay for their birth control and abortions. He further states that the women of Colorado do not care about the economy, or unemployment, or the environment, or foreign policy. He opines that the Democrats believe that Colorado’s women have the collective intelligence of a bag of hamsters. Rather, it is his estimation of women’s intelligence that is offensive to women. Of course, his statements are patently false and extremely insulting to women, especially educated women.

What does a right wing, reactionary, Republican Party hack like Liddick know about what the women of Colorado want or what the democratic party thinks women want? Nada!

It is a fact that Mr. Romney has been opposed to funding Planned Parenthood, which promotes women’s health. He has also stated that, as President he would be happy to sign a bill overturning Roe v. Wade which has been federal law for fifty years.

He writes this because Democrats have supported women’s rights to have their insurance policies cover prescriptions for birth control procedures and medically approved abortions. This a right women have had for 50 years, and women of childbearing age wish to retain that right. But they certainly have many other interests that Democrats are fully aware of.

The Democratic Party wants people to believe that it supports strong independent women (HHS Secretary Sibelius). There is no eagerness by the Republicans to support such women. If they support women, they seem to prefer those who raise large families and maintain strong ties to their house hold and their kitchen: kuche, kirche, kinder!

Mr. Liddick is even more insulting when he insinuates that Democrats want women to float through life from Head Start programs in early childhood to Senior volunteer programs via a sugar daddy who will take care of their every need. He claims that such women have no need of husbands or social institutions. The taxpayers will pay for all of it. Nowhere have we encountered a Democrat either in Colorado or nationally that would provide any such benefits.

What do women really want? Certainly the majority do not want government controlling their reproductive choices. So certainly, if you don’t believe in abortion, don’t have one! Abortion is indeed a moral dilemma, but it is one that needs to be resolved by each person individually, and not by politicians who presume to have some superior moral authority over women. Those politicians are Republicans who would force women, who are the victims of rape, to bear babies that are the result of such rape. Women know that the enforcement of such policies is a threat to their health and well-being. That is why any knowledgeable woman voter will be opposed to the election of Mitt Romney who, guided by the dogma of his church, says he will consider doing away with the rights that women have been enjoying for more than a century. It is far beyond who pays for these rights; it is the woman’s right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.

Martin and Ruth Hertzberg,

Copper Mountain