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Hill Can’t vote for Romney or Obama

> Steve Gurko, Oct. 14, “In this election, the only remedy for Bible believers is to abstain.”

> Ed Herford, Oct. 23, “This country was founded on the principal its people are sovereign…[therefore] as Christians and Americans [we should] prayerfully vote for whomever we think is best equipped to lead…Jesus is not running, so we must trust God can use [us] to accomplish His plan.”

> Jimmy Johnson, Oct. 24, “I love it when many Christians think they are the only religion in America…Let’s keep religion out of our politics.”

> Richard Gorman, Oct. 25, “Mr. Gurko why suggest that in a representative republic a person not vote.”

What is the issue? Not the right to vote but the right way to vote. None of the above opinions say citizens should neglect to vote but three disagree with Mr. Gurko’s right to abstain from voting on the basis of his religious conscience.

True Christianity is not a religion about God but a relationship with God. There is no way to separate a true Christian’s relationship with God from politics. Therefore, if those being presented for office violate a Christian’s conscience he/she are bound to act in a manner best representing their relationship with God. If led to abstain they should do so not by neglect but duty.

Case in point: I currently in good conscience cannot vote for Romney or Obama. If between now and election day this conviction does not change, I will go to the polls and before I vote or abstain I will prayerfully wait for the final “word” on what to do. (Contrary to Ed Herford’s opinion I may even decide Jesus is running and include him as a write-in.) But I will go to the polls and I will exercise my right to vote or abstain thereby discharging my duty as an American to participate in the electoral process.