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Hill: Homosexual morality needs to change as well

Bud Hill, Breckenridge

Mr. Faust writes “using Hill’s word, conventional morality says homosexuality is ‘deviant’.” You misquote me. What I said was heterosexual or homosexual is not who one is but how one behaves. Mr. Faust, not only does conventional heterosexual morality need to change but homosexual morality as well. There has been a significant shift in homosexual ideology from the gay community of the 1980s to the political activism of the LGBTQ that includes a variety of homosexual activist subcultures worldwide (Wikipedia.org/LGBTQ).

Mr. Faust, the tactics of homosexual activism are present in your comments. You shift focus off the issue presented to one that showcases LGBTQ agenda. You use hyperbole to discredit and character assassination: Hill is adolescent in his moral reasoning … completely ignorant regarding the science of sexual orientation and could be willful in this which means he is untrustworthy. Hill has a low level of moral reasoning implying he is incapable of good moral decision-making. You use the “B” word: “[Hill’s] letter is filled with bigotry.” You list the political accomplishments of the LGBTQ. You elevate Lawrence Kohlberg’s six stages of moral development as “science” to debunk me. Case closed? Not so fast Mr. Faust. While Kohlberg was in undergraduate school, I was pursuing a master’s level degree in counseling which included a comprehensive study of Jean Piaget’s work undergirding Kohlberg’s theory of moral development. Kohlberg’s work is oriented to moral thinking not behavior raising the question does moral reasoning necessarily lead to moral behavior?

Mr. Faust, I will not be bullied by you or any LGBTQ and here’s why. I have a very close friend who went through a sexual-orientation identity crisis. The gay community “reached out” to him when a married gay couple invited him to their home for drinks. He became violently ill and blacked out after the first one. Next morning he awoke to the realization he had been sexually assaulted. Which level and stage of Kohlberg’s moral reasoning do you, Mr. Faust, think that gay couple was operating out of? In answering, don’t give me your “science” or moral theories or call me a bigot; and, show me more politically than a gay Speaker of the House operating less than half a mile from the scene of this “heterophobic” crime.

Bud Hill, Breckenridge

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