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Hill: Paranormal investigation is an expression of spiritism not history

Re: “Breckenridge: Paranormal investigators find signs on spirit presence at the Briggle House,” by Erica Marciniec, Nov. 2

>Summit Scene, Nov. 2, Briggle House Haunted? Paranormal investigators find signs of a spirit. “We don’t just go in and hear a noise and say it’s haunted; we want to collect evidence,” said the head of the group, Paranormal Xplorers.”

The Breckenridge Heritage Alliance puts out a comprehensive brochure of its museums and tours, guided historic walks, events and programs. One is the Haunted Tour of Breckenridge. “Join us for a late evening stroll through Breckenridge’s haunted historic district. Along the way, the eerie stories from Breck’s rough and uncertain past will be told but remain unexplained.” Alliance memberships from $18.59/year to $200/year combine with tax dollars to meet their budget. I like history; however, it’s one thing to share the eerie stories from Breck’s rough and uncertain past. It’s another to redefine that history on the basis of paranormal investigation which is an expression of spiritism not history.

Spiritism (theosophy) began with a woman named Madame Blavatsky in the latter 19th century. It involves contact with the spirit world in ways that may appear scientific but are far from it. Taking flash lights and temperature gauges into a suspected haunted house is not only unscientific it is like giving matches to young children telling them not to start a forest fire. Case in point.

>”Skeptical at first, Alliance operations director, Cindy Hintgen, found herself convinced that Mrs. Briggle’s ghost was present after participating in the Paranormal Xplorers investigation. The group is eager to return for further study, and plans are in the works to offer a Ghost Hunt 101 class, replete with safety tips for paranormal investigating.”

When dealing with supposed departed spirits, in most cases, what is being accessed is a “familiar spirit” of impersonation seeking to draw the “investigator” into the realm of the demonic. Knowing what I know of that realm I am more than willing to visit the Briggle house and direct the spirits departed or familiar to their rightful domains. In consequence, there would be no further need of Paranormal Xplorers or Ghost Hunt 101.