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Hill: Sexual-orientation and preference taking precedent over conventional morality

Bud Hill

>SDN, Nov. 16, political cartoon by John Cole: two gay men sitting at a table. One has a newspaper in hand which says, Petraeus scandal sex, lies and national security. The other with coffee cup in hand sighs and says, “This is what happens when heterosexuals are allowed to serve openly in the military.”

The cartoon implies heterosexuals and homosexuals act according to their sexual-orientation and preference because that’s who they are. Petraeus was simply acting out his heterosexual genetic predisposition. It is his right to have adulterous sex with other women though married just as it is a gay’s right to engage in sodomy with multiple partners even when same sex married. Military or civilian what’s at stake is sexual-orientation and preference taking precedent over conventional morality.

Heterosexual or homosexual is not who one is but how one behaves. In truth we are free-will moral agents created in the image of our Creator. As such, we are responsible for our sexual behavior within the guidelines set forth by the One who created us. Any one who engages in deviant sexual behavior is never going to find out who he/she really is but is only going to be enslaved in behavior that defines them by what they do sexually.

Put the myth of sexual-orientation and preference being the determiner of human identity to the test with this question. A hundred years from now who will you be? If the answer is defined solely on the basis of sexual-orientation or preference what difference will it make? You won’t have the equipment left to determine if you are male or female let alone heterosexual or homosexual.

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