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Hip-hop show opens for Sublime tribute band

Special to the DailyHip-hop artist Abstract Rude joins Sublime cover band, 40oz to Freedom, tonight at three20south in Breckenridge.

The Sublime tribute band, 40oz to Freedom – a group hailed as one of the best Sublime tribute bands around – plays three20south in Breckenridge tonight with Abstract Rude and a crew of Los Angeles-based hip-hop artists. Currently on his Dear Abbey tour, Abstract Rude offers insight into the method and the madness:

An artsy “hoodness” about my style. Tribe Unique adorned me with that name. I ran with it and became that.

My Dear Abbey tour’s opening for 40oz to Freedom; 40oz is a Sublime cover band, and we’re a hip-hop show with L.A.-based artists like Self Jupiter of Freestyle Fellowship, Beat Dudes Kenny Segal and DJ Zole, plus a couple newcomers from my Keep the Feel entertainment label: Joaquin Daniels and B. Squid.

Atomic Dog, cuz we funky.

Artists should be selfish enough to not compare their work to others. If Jimi Hendrix, Bob Marley, James Brown and Curtis Mayfield rapped, that would be the closest I could think of.

Style and intent. People get that we do it for the advancement of the culture and the spirit of rebel music.

I daresay both, depending on the song. More like hip shaking and head bobbing, mixed with spurts of cray cray. Ha ha.