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Hoffmann: Obama had his chance, and failed

As an independent voter who is socially liberal and fiscally conservative I usually have difficult decisions to make at election time. Not this year. It seems I remember what most voters do not. Perhaps it’s due to the double standard and bias of the media and frequent letter-writers to this paper that so many have amnesia concerning the last four years. Some reminders: The prison at “Gitmo” is still open despite scores of promises by Obama to close it on the first day of his presidency, or within one year. Wall Street banks are larger and more concentrated than ever. Obama-care was passed with no tort reform and no provisions for dealing with illegal aliens. John Corzine, former head of Goldman Sacks and governor of New Jersey, friend, supporter, and fund-raiser for Obama has not even been charged with the missing 1.5 billion of his customer’s (MF Global) money. Here’s a doozy: Obama assassinated a U.S. citizen! (a muslim cleric in Yemen via drone). Only this president could get away with such an unconstitutional act without protests and demands for impeachment. This double standard and hypocrisy boggles the mind.

Just months after Obama told the nation that offshore drilling is safer than we think we had the worst environmental disaster in U.S. history – caused by offshore drilling! The media and Obama supporters have given this administration a complete pass on these issues and scores more.

This president has been more deliberately divisive than any president in a century (after promising to unite our nation). He has constantly done the opposite of what he says and the silence from the media and his supporters is deafening. The difference between Romney and Obama? Obama had his chance and by any objective measure has failed.