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Holmquest: A grand Thanksgiving

Heather Holmquest
Wilmington, N.C.

This thanksgiving my husband and I have much to be thankful for. We had the great honor of having our first child in June. Having moved out of the county in February, we expected our baby girl to be born at sea level at the end of August. We returned to the mountains in June to attend my husband’s brother’s wedding. In a string of unpredictable events, we ended up rushing to the ER immediately following my husband’s best man speech while I worked my way through dinner timing contractions. It couldn’t be labor, we had over two months to my due date. Our daughter had other plans for us. We rushed to the ER, then to Littleton where we would not be released for the next six weeks. In a twist of fate, both sets of parents happened to be in Denver only for that weekend, for entirely different reasons. As did others from various states and relationships to us. We gave birth to our daughter far from our new home, unexpectedly early and with a lot of worry…but also with great support and loved ones present. Following our time of duress to our support came Mike Millisor, Rob Millisor and Mike Dudick, the owners of Breckenridge Grand Vacations. These gentlemen blessed us by coming to our aid in a manner which we will be eternally grateful. I am so proud to have family members who own with BGV and that we both have had the honor of working for great men with such compassion for those who cross their path. We are blessed. Our daughter is now 5 months old, happy and healthy. It’s a thanksgiving we will never forget. Remember someone who has blessed you this thanksgiving as we remember BGV. Eternally Grateful

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