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Holte: Vote Bruce Brown for district attorney

Some people do not think that a district attorney has much impact on them and so they vote party line. A DA can spend too much money on frivolous trials, have low conviction rates at those trials, file retaliatory charges against people or not file adequate charges based on the crime. A D.A. sends a message in their communities that says crime will be tried and punished here so don’t commit any crimes. The message gets confused when it doesn’t apply to certain classes of people, there is a significant acquittal rate at trial or a minor case snowballs into an expensive trial. Once a D.A.’s office establishes a practice it is not likely that they will stray far from it in the future. Before you vote, think long and hard about what you want the district attorney’s offices message to be in your community. Vote for Bruce Brown for district attorney, let’s send the right message.