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Home Trends: Interior design: Pantone colors for 2013

Kalyn Johnson
Special to the Daily

Special to the Daily

Pantones rule the interior design eye. As certain colors are named the hottest new thing, interior finishings from paint to furniture to accessories swarm to achieve them. Pantone, Inc. is a company best known for its color labeling and propriety. The saying has been said to be that “if it’s not in a Pantone, the color does not exist.”

Every year, new colors are brought to attention as the latest trend all across fashion. I was able get a sneak peek at the coolest color themes coming to 2013. After all, the New Year is only a couple of months away. What can we look forward to for colors?

The number one palette of colors has been coined as the “Connoisseur.” This palette plays with base tones of cool neutral tones that are balanced with warmer hues of purple, orchid and violet. Color compliments of beige, silver, subtle green and champagne all work to complete the Connoisseur color palette. The above image demonstrates the brilliant use of this color combination: subtle beige walls, purple and green accents, grey-silver upholstered arm chair and finally, a deep, warm brown paint within the fireplace.

The “New Old School” palette is one that I found to be very interesting. Perhaps a heightened level of team spirit and patriotism has sparked this theme of flag-color inspired tones. The New Old School grabs the colors of glam-royal purples, evergreen, deep navy and ruby. This palette has been the staple of Ralph Lauren designs for decades. I associate these colors with the holiday season – helping you to feel warm and cozy. These colors are often found in holiday and winter prints. Flannel pajamas anyone?

At this time, there are a total of nine Pantone palettes of 2013. Other color arrangements shed light on the vibrant, the neutrals and the cloudy or subdued translations of forever popular hues, then all the way to the whimsical and eccentric shades. Pantones can make it easy for you to become a color expert. Take the opportunity to follow the trending color combinations for the future and you can create an interior scheme that will label you as avant-garde and revolutionary.

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