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Home Trends: Micro-units & Murphy beds

Kalyn JohnsonSpecial to the Daily

Special to the Daily

For the past few weeks, I have covered micro-units. Although small and limited in their functionality, I have worked to debunk the stigma toward these mini-homes by offering ideas and theories to apply what will allow one to live comfortably and not be required to lessen his or her living standards.One of the pieces of furniture in our homes that takes up a significant amount of floor space and square-footage value is our bed. We all have to sleep, and it has been proven that a good night’s sleep is contingent on our overall well-being. I would never advise you to sacrifice your comfortable bed for an air mattress or sleeper sofa. Let’s face it: When you are sleeping on an air mattress or sleeper sofa with a standard factory mattress night after night, you’re bound to wake up feeling far less than refreshed. Murphy beds have become the standard solution for small-condo living and micro-units. In a space with less than 500 square feet, a Murphy bed can be tucked up and away by day and brought down with its memory foam, plush top or firm support mattress by night. Upon waking up in the morning, a Murphy bed can be quickly and easily lifted into its closed position with sheets, comforter and pillows still on the bed – and all unmade (if that’s how you roll). Many micro-unit dwellers question what you would do with your sofa or seating when they want to bring the bed down. Great question! When the bed is closed, your space is fully open and there is plenty of room for additional furniture, such as a sofa. However, when you have the bed down, should you be expected to shuffle all of your furniture into one corner of the room to create a cluttered mess? Not at all. The solution for this dilemma is the bed-over-sofa panel bed. With a heavy-duty, all wood solid frame and removable back sofa pillows, a comfortable and stylish sofa can be placed in front of a Murphy bed without ever having to be moved. To pull down the bed, the back pillows that rest on the front door of the Murphy bed are simply removed and set aside so that the bed may be pulled down. The images shown demonstrate this concept. This clever Murphy bed-over-sofa idea gives a new purpose and appreciation to small spaces. Now, you can have it all in your micro-unit. As I discussed last week, cater the space to your needs and functions. Don’t over stuff with things you will not need. With that said, a bed is an essential furniture piece we all use daily. You’ll thank yourself when you wake up each morning well-rested as you push up your Murphy bed to free up the space within your mountain micro-unit.For more home style tips and information visit ifurnish and More Space Place in Frisco or email Kalyn Johnson at kalyn@morespaceplaceco.com.

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