House District 61 candidate Q&A: Ellen Temby |

House District 61 candidate Q&A: Ellen Temby

To protect the freedoms and liberties of the Colorado citizens in Summit County and to ensure a bright future for our children. We stand atop the state of Colorado geographically and there is no reason we can’t stand atop Colorado economically. I will fight to reduce waste and bureaucracy and encourage entrepreneurship and business growth leading us to the summit.I have chosen to make Summit County my home for a reason, and I assume that that reason is similar to the reasons of my friends and neighbors. If you live here, you “get it.” I think that the people of Denver do not understand mountain living, any more that we could claim to understand urban living in Denver, or plains living on our eastern boarder for that matter. It is for this reason that we need representation from all parts of the state to make our state government work. But with that said, the job of government is to protect the freedom and liberty of our individual citizens. When I am elected, I will bring that voice of Summit County and the Western Slope to Denver to make sure that my neighbors’ rights are being protected, at the same time I will not trample on the rights of other Coloradans in an effort to increase my “likeability”. I can be counted on to do what I say I will do, and I will not compromise the principles of freedom and liberty when pressured to “follow the crowd.”

My beliefs are consistent with our founding fathers when they espoused the citizen legislature, a Legislature not of politicians, but rather a group of representatives; our friends, neighbors and fellow townspeople. America was not built on the concept of a monarchy or career politicians. Colorado has a strong independent spirit that lends itself to including the voices of a broad spectrum of the citizenry. What makes me most uniquely qualified to serve the citizens of Summit County in the Colorado Legislature is that I am not a politician. Rather I am a community member, a mom, a licensed foster parent, a mentor, an athlete, a small business owner, a philanthropist, a Spanish speaker, someone who believes in the humanity of and fights for the rights of the marginalized, disenfranchised underdog, an outdoor recreationist, a negotiator, an open-minded person interested in the betterment of the people of the state of Colorado. I am a person who feels that with commitment, hard work and the support of like minded individuals, anything is possible.

The loss of the power of the individual and the overarching control of governmental regulations and agencies are dual challenges faced by Summit County. Government intrusion has resulted in high taxes, draining the purchasing power of the working person. It has also handcuffed small business by forcing them to follow regulations (at high cost) made at the state and federal level rather than allowing the business owner to make his/her own determination as to the best way to create and market their product/service and treat their employees. Further, large corporations are provided subsidies which ultimately damages the small business owner by allowing a large corporation to offer similar products at a lower cost. I will always be looking at ways to get government out of the way and allow the local citizenry to do what they do best, which is solve their own problems. In many cases these days, the problems that politicians want to “fix” usually have roots in some law or regulation that was passed years or decades ago that prevent “the people” from solving the issue on their own.

Gridlock is the result of two opposing parties vying for power. In a two-party system, gridlock is the direct result. By electing candidates not beholden to either of the two major parties, gridlock becomes useless as a “tool” of politics. Many European and Central/South American countries have multi-party systems, and as a result gridlock is non-existent. I will use my experience working with people from different countries and cultures to listen to other points of view with an open mind, as well as use my persuasive skills to educate my fellow lawmakers on how freedom can help the state. This atmosphere of open dialogue will foster cooperation, and thus a more productive legislative body will inevitably result. I would propose the repeal of poorly crafted and thought-out legislation while submitting bills that reduce the encumbrances on our small businesses and taxpayers. Colorado needs to focus on what has always worked for us…that western individualism and drive, let’s get the bureaucracy out of the way and watch us soar.

Government does not create jobs, government prevents jobs. Individuals create jobs by opening businesses, inventing products or spending their disposable income on existing products. If elected, I will not vote for any bill that puts restrictions on the freedom of Colorado citizens to conduct business. Further, I will work to repeal regulations which hurt Colorado businesses. I think that the biggest threat to industry in Colorado, and the rest of the United States for that matter, is outsourcing of jobs, whether across state lines or across our country’s borders. I will work to keep Colorado jobs in Colorado, and make Colorado the most business-friendly state in the nation. Specifically, I will work to remove the barriers to business such as burdensome regulations, taxation and licensing requirements. I will fight to eliminate corporate taxes in Colorado (corporate taxes are not paid by the business on which they are levied, but rather those costs are passed along to the consumer resulting in even less “money at the end of the month” for the worker. High corporate taxes kill jobs and drive industry out of Colorado. More businesses in Colorado means more jobs! Elect me to the Colorado Legislature, and I will fight to make Colorado’s business atmosphere the envy of the nation!

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