Hurlbert: Hurlbert endorses Turner for district attorney |

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Hurlbert: Hurlbert endorses Turner for district attorney

Running for office is like a job interview. Like an employer, voters look at the qualifications for each candidate and decide who would do the best job. For positions such as district attorney, which requires a specific skill and training, the qualifications and what candidates have done in the past becomes paramount to what they are saying. And that is why I am endorsing Scott Turner. He is simply the most qualified candidate for the job of district attorney.

More than anyone, I know what it takes to be the district attorney in this diverse district. The job is a mix of prosecutor, manager, budget guru, victim’s advocate and community leader. Scott has experience in every one of these fields.

First, Scott has been a prosecutor for 10 years, both in Colorado and Missouri. He has prosecuted at the highest level, including four homicides here. He is a proven attorney, who has gotten results for the people of this state at all levels. Although he has experience both as a prosecutor and defense attorney, prosecuting is very different than defending a person accused of a crime. Just because you have experience in one does not mean you can do the other. Although many have gone from being a defense attorney to a prosecutor, generally those people that have been successful have not gone to the highest level of prosecution. Scott, though, has been at the highest level both as a defense attorney and prosecutor.

Second, Scott has been an effective manager. He has run several of the offices and has and found out what motivates people and what does not. Scott has been in on every personnel decision in the district for the past two years. He has been able to see first-hand what works and what does not. Scott is recognized throughout the state as an expert in prosecution and has taught both attorneys and police officers.

Third, Scott has been involved in our budget for the past two years. Managing the district attorney’s budget of almost $3 million, not only involves working with the commissioners in four counties to come up with a budget, but then managing it over the next year. In this time of declining and stagnant budgets, it is even more important to have someone who has a familiarity with the budget and budget process so we can continue to have effective prosecution, while making sure every dollar of your money is spent wisely.

Fourth, Scott has been working with victims for 10 years. He has not only helped get people who have been hurt by crime through hundreds of cases, he has worked with non-profits including the victim’s advocate groups in each county. Scott has made sure every victim of a crime gets the comfort and information they need.

Finally, Scott has been a community leader from the moment he set foot in this district five years ago. He has served in various community philanthropic organizations including the Summit County SANE program, Clear Creek Advocates and Rotary. He is someone who is committed to the people of this district and has shown it over the years.

I understand people may discount this endorsement because I am the current district attorney and chair of the Summit County Republicans. Scott comes from this office and is a Republican, but I have spent the past 18 years of my life serving you in this office. I would never let party politics get in the way of my support for a truly qualified candidate. Ultimately, your safety is the highest importance to me. Supporting a candidate who has the experience to do the job is my only concern.

If you still are skeptical, go to and look at Scott’s extensive experience and knowledge. That is why I am endorsing Scott Turner for district attorney.

Mark Hurlbert,

District Attorney, 5th Judicial District