Irvine: Wants to establish environment that encourages entrepreneurship and creativity |

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Irvine: Wants to establish environment that encourages entrepreneurship and creativity

From Washington to the Colorado Statehouse you have the opportunity and responsibility to elect candidates who will, among other issues, support economic growth and get us back on track.

Throughout the communities in our district we clearly see the effects of a suppressed economy. Colorado’s unemployment rate is higher than the national and if we’re not losing jobs, people have given up looking. Business growth is essential to putting revenue back into Colorado. The state cannot continue raising fees and taxes to replenish the general fund.

As a voter, it’s not easy weeding through the mailers and rhetoric to get a clear sense on where candidates stand on issues. As a candidate in this race, I am fortunate to be running against two legislators with voting records. This particular race is about proven track records. Because of their votes on business-related issues, and the knowledge I will be an advocate for small business, the National Federation of Independent Business has given me their endorsement. I am proud to have their confidence.

We have distractions. This race has two Democrats battling each other; with those involved spending tens of thousands of dollars on attacks. One opponent was the Democrat Speaker Pro Tem but went Independent after her party selected someone else to be Speaker of the House. The other opponent professes to be a moderate but has one of the lowest tax voting scores at 4 percent among both parties.

Yes, I am the Republican candidate; in fact, the only one. We expect thousands to be spent soon to distract from our campaign as well; probably focusing on untruths regarding women’s issues. Ironically, these big spenders are concerned about not having enough money for education! Let us look beyond the attacks and not lose sight of the bigger picture.

I believe in the American free enterprise system that built our great nation and is the base from which we all prosper. There are over 4,000 new regulations coming our way that will further stifle business. We don’t need more government standing in our way; we need to re-establish an environment that encourages entrepreneurship and creativity.

At a recent debate one of my opponents used the words government and efficiency in the same sentence. Really? It is the private sector that survives and thrives on efficiency and productivity and we need to give it more room and freedom to succeed.

Our nation was built on ingenuity, hard work, risk and personal responsibility. Success is to be admired and encouraged, not penalized. Businesses, large and small, create jobs and put revenue back into our communities.

Hard-working families are cutting back so asking them to give more is not the answer. It is critical and beyond time that Colorado works to make our state attractive again for new businesses and gives existing industry its core back. We need only look at successful neighboring states to see that this approach works. Growth and prosperity are the key from which we all benefit.

It will be an honor to be your state representative and I am asking for your vote. Please learn more about my experiences and qualifications at

Debra Irvine is the Republican candidate for House District 61, and resides in Breckenridge.