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Jason Hart: DA’s judgment questioned

Mr. Minor, I cannot say I know Mr. Hurlbert but I am a close friend of Dennis Flint’s. You are right about the difficulties about the job the DA has. Understaffed and overburdened is surely a difficult task for anybody. However, looking at the news article today in this paper and the Denver Post, it seems as though maybe our DA has run out of the level-headed judgment that is required in his position. The idea that he was willing to plea this hit and run case in Vail down to an insignificant misdemeanor is shocking at the very least when you consider the evidence and the outcome of the last two trials for Dennis Flint. Dennis’s life has been ruined on so many levels and there is more than enough evidence in his defense. Mr. Hurlbert’s comments on the news last night implied that they thought it was inappropriate to pursue felony charges because the accused would lose his job and it would put an undue financial burden on their family and the payments for restitution. That’s amazing given the charges in that case when you consider the charges in the Flint case and what the DA has done and is willing to continue to do to Mr. Flint. Can somebody with some authority in the courts please step in and dismiss this case already?