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Jimkata brings electro-rock to three20south tonight

Daily News staff report

Special to the DailyIthaca's Jimkata plays three20south tonight. The band sings lyrics from the heart that you can take home and live by.

An ‘epicly’ terrible and funny B movie from the ’80s called Gymkata. It starred 1984 Olympic gymnast Kurt Thomas who was faced with the task of defeating an evil fictional Eastern European country using his skills of gymnastics and karate combined. Just YouTube the trailer; you’ll get a good chuckle.

Ithaca, N.Y. It’s gorges!

A golden retriever that likes to party. Like Air Bud maybe.

Dokken, but with less hair, less spandex, more grooves, more e-drums and synthesizers, equal amount of guitar. Actually probably not like Dokken at all; I just like saying that name.

I think we make music that you can not only get down to during a high-energy live performance, but also take it home with you and into your life. We find that a lot of fans not only come out and dance and get sweaty, but also take our lyrics to heart and live by them. We believe in creating good energy with everyone at a live show and hope that everyone leaves on high and takes our music with them.

Meeting a guy in Buffalo, N.Y. who had a weird thing for licking shoes. He would ask what kind of shoes you had, then lean down and lick them. Then two years later the same guy approached me on the street in Tampa, Fla. As soon as he said, “What kind of shoes are those?” I had this freakish dejà vu feeling and heard the bartender from inside an adjacent open-air bar yelling, “Shoelicker! Shoelicker! Go away!” I think I just said, “Uhh, woah, no” and walked away in complete astonishment – and delight, really, that someone so strange would appear twice in my life.

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Double, full leg-extension foot tapping. Or, as most people call it, “dancing.” Head banging. All forms of movement are acceptable. Really, we just love it when people get down in whatever way works for them.

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