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Johnson: Opinion page is just that, an opinion

In the Saturday, March 2 edition of the Summit Daily News, letter writer Steve Smith of Dillon criticized the editors for the printing of a political cartoon that cast Republicans in a bad light, asking, “Do you have any commitment to the truth, or do you just mindlessly print propaganda?” I would encourage Mr. Smith to grab hold of the next copy of the Summit Daily he comes across, and open it up. Somewhere near the middle of the paper, he will find at the top of the page, a word written in bold, black ink: OPINION. It does not say “NEWS” or “TOP STORIES.” If base, abject opinion were found underneath these headlines, then Mr. Smith would have a point, but the cartoon he finds so objectionable was on the opinion page. By the very nature of the beast, the opinion page is filled with propaganda. Editorials, letters, commentary, and yes, cartoons. I have seen many, many conservative-leaning cartoons on the opinion page over the years, and find it strange that Mr. Smith waits until he sees a liberal one to voice his outrage. Is he really just speaking out for veracity in the media? Or is it that he believes a liberal slant is “propaganda,” while a conservative slant is “truth?” I suspect the latter.

Jeff Johnson, Breckenridge