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Kahn: Thorsen view is radical

Nancy Thorsen is entitled to express her opinion but her view is very radical. Any member of the U.S. is entitled to vote his/her choice and to speak freely, but the article is an insult to those citizens who may not be of Christian faith. The article ignores those people of different faiths of which there are many. Many of those persons may support her position but there are also many of opposite position. Does the fact that they may not agree with her make them less Christian or less of a believer? Her position is very narrow minded and not true to basic American principles. There are many people who will vote for another party. She would have us believe that they are not good Christians. They are entitled to their opinion and still remain true to their religion, whatever it may be.

The positions expressed are an affront, not only to the non-Christians citizens, but to many Christians as well. There are many branches of Christian faith. Within these different branches there are many who will vote for candidates who may be in favor of a women’s choice, of sexual preference and of various social programs. The denial of the rights of those who are of Christian faith as well of other faiths to vote as they choose does not make them Democrat, Republican or Independent.

Whether one accepts the “Right to Life” position, “one man one woman” or any of the other issues she is supportive of or believe to the contrary, each is entitled to express their opinion. We are a country of many positions and all are entitled to vote their conscience without being belittled, insulted or labeled.

Claude Kahn, Frisco