Kent: To the town of Breckenridge |

Kent: To the town of Breckenridge

Melinda Kent
Shreveport, La.

I was with a heavy heart that we recently sold our house in Breckenridge, after seven years, in this beautiful town. Altitude finally reared its ugly head and after trying everything to overcome it, we decided to sell and go to a lower altitude.

We will miss this town, more than can be written, on a mere page.

The friends we made and the memories, will always be with us.

Thank you, to Luke Paffrath, whom we met one afternoon, who had the personality and enthusiasm,to help us look for and purchase a home, in two hours!

Karen at the Blue Moose, who embraced these lively Louisiana people and their friends, I will miss those whole wheat pancakes, as we say in the south, Ya’ll are the Best!

To Dora, at the Twisted Pine, whose friendly smile and words, just brought out the shopping in you.

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To all our friends, we look forward to seeing you again soon.

Breckenridge is a real town, with real people, nothing fabricated here. it will be impossible to find a better town, anywhere, skiing or otherwise. Sincerely,

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