Kevin Burns: Council candidate wants the best for Dillon |

Kevin Burns: Council candidate wants the best for Dillon

Kevin Burns

I am writing to you today to introduce myself. My name is Kevin Burns and I am running for Dillon Town Council. I have decided to do so because I firmly believe in the importance of giving back to your community, and serving in local government is one of the best ways to do that.

In the past year, I have served on Dillon’s Park and Recreation Advisory Committee, which I have loved. But I have also realized that I want to be able to thoughtfully contribute on a broad array of issues facing our town. The most critical of which is how to move forward in revitalizing the town core while maintaining the local character and atmosphere that makes Dillon unique among all of Summit County’s communities.

As the town moves forward there are some exciting opportunities for the citizens and businesses of Dillon. The recent Tax Increment Financing being a great example of the town using an innovative tool to foster growth in the town without burdening the citizens who live and work here. I’d love to explore more opportunities to bring people and business into Dillon while keeping the town accessible to current and future residents.

Open communication is also important, and as a member of the town council I would be sure to work in partnership with the residents, businesses and guests of Dillon, to make sure that we’re responsive to concerns and needs in the town. Dillon is a unique and beautiful community, with a gorgeous lake, accessible town core, a robust business district and a tight-knit citizenry.

I want to be able to work to protect what makes Dillon great and pursue new opportunities for the town. I ask for your support, and vote, this April 3. Thank you.

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