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Klobasa: Checking out on Breckenridge hotel idea

“Give ’em an inch and they’ll take a mile!” That is what came to mind when I read the article in the Feb. 13 edition of Summit Daily about the town council considering an upscale branded hotel for the city. This concept was wisely rejected over a year ago by the council, but now it has reared its ugly head again. Obviously, representatives of hotel companies have lobbied the council hard. According to the article, the city has engaged a consulting firm to study the feasibility of the hotel project. Hopefully the hotel companies are picking up that tab. But we all know that is wishful thinking. The consultant will come with a hefty price tag. The city should not be wasting all of that money. Forget the consultant and open your eyes! Breckenridge is a gem of a mountain town. It is unique and cannot be replicated. Likewise, it should not be spoiled. Main Street is beautiful, historic and quaint with its small shops and restaurants. Bringing in a behemoth of the lodging industry will spoil that atmosphere permanently. It’s time for the city fathers to stop and smell the roses.

John Klobasa, Kirkwood, Mo.