Knoles: Romney competent, caring & capable |

Knoles: Romney competent, caring & capable

Christina Knoles, Keystone

Independent, open minded and thoughtful voters have been following the elections closely to choose between Romney and Obama, the candidate they believe can move our nation forward and out of this slow, brutal and longest-lasting recession since the Depression. America saw during the first debate Romney has no horns, is not hateful, uncaring or the same person portrayed in the daily barrage of TV attack ads. Those Americans who wanted to listen and judge Romney independently finally got to see the “real” Romney, not the one manufactured by spin-artists with photoshopped ads and sound bites taken out of context. They got to see a competent, caring and capable man.Independent voters also got to see the “real” Obama: The one without the benefit of a teleprompter, knowing the debate questions in advance and without a well prepared challenger. Gone was the image Obama had enjoyed from giving previous prepared speeches with no challenger. America finally saw the reason our economy has been eking along at a snail’s pace instead of growing. America finally saw Obama, raw and unfiltered, floundering and lost, uninformed and defiant, ignorant and incompetent … begging to be replaced.The excuses for Obama’s abysmal performance are ridiculous: Al Gore said Obama had altitude sickness; Obama claimed he is “just not a good debater!? Yet Obama has been president for four years! He should know his policies and plan to end this recession backwards and forwards. He has had so much public speaking experience he should be able to debate anyone. Not even the “alleged” 7.8 percent unemployment numbers published after the debate will help. Anyone with eyes and an open mind can see small businesses are still closing daily and millions of people are unemployed or underemployed. America just cannot take another four years of the “real” Obama.Christina Knoles, Keystone

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