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Koster: To the residents of Frisco

Glenn & Charlcie Koster, Hutchinson, Kan.

By the time you receive this missive, we will be happily in our home in Hutchinson, Kan. However, my wife and I would be remiss if we did not write this open letter of thanks to the citizens and businesses of Frisco. We visited Frisco in July, mixing a family reunion with a much-needed vacation. During our visit, we had little time to actually explore or interact with many of Frisco’s proprietors. However, we spent enough to know that Frisco would be our honeymoon locale.We were married on Oct. 20 and arrived in Frisco on Monday, October 22. Our stay has far exceeded our greatest expectations! Realizing that it was the off-season, made our delightful experience so much more of a surprise.Back in July, we chose the Hotel Frisco for our home away from home during our stay. We were not disappointed. We were simply overwhelmed by the hospitality and friendliness of Roger and Pat Hovis, enough so that we plan on making the Hotel Frisco an annual anniversary experience. (Since arriving back in Hutchinson, we have referred two other friends to the Hotel Frisco – one of whom will be visiting in April for their upcoming honeymoon.)During our week here, we visited many of Frisco’s shops, making purchases at a number of the unique stores, notably Around the World Toys, The Next Page bookstore, and Something Old Something New.We also ate at many of Frisco’s fine dining establishments: Abbey’s Coffee, Log Cabin Inn, Rocky Mountain Roasters, Boat Yard, Silverheels, Tuscato’s and 5th Avenue Grille. There was not a bad experience in the lot!In our more casual moments, we also ate at Taco Bell, the Breakfast Deli, and A&W. While all were excellent, A&W stood far above the rest, with an owner unashamed of his faith. Every single person we encountered, whether serving us or simply providing directions, proved to be a credit to the Frisco community. Once again, thank you!Glenn & Charlcie Koster, Hutchinson, Kan.

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