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Kowalewicz: Think before you vote

I don’t usually vote, but when I do? I make my choices very carefully.

Even our Founding Fathers were not too sure about society giving us a right to overthrow government in the Bill of Rights and the same time in the Constitution, the election of President to Electors instead a general public. Well, maybe they were afraid of 47 percent government dependent voters or another 47 percent of rednecks so full democratic election would not jeopardize ruling class goal, to keep powers to themselves, recently called a 1 percent. It is funny to watch whole billion dollars battle for 6 percent of our society since, majority, regardless of arguments stick to its guns and will not change their minds regardless of argument.

Do I like Obama or Romney? No, but I understand that we have Obama just because of 8 years of devastating Bush era, Without Bush we would not have Obama and since Republican party did not change its strategy, economic views of society and its needs, and is calling for another war, I will stick with what I have and what is predictable and what is going, in my opinion, in the right direction.

I wish I could change something in our Senate representation but this must wait a few years. On the other hand I am glad that every two years I can argue my opinion with my representative in the House. Today we have a person with a very anti human approach to our mountains and scenery, also a lack of responsiveness to questions, real people situations, displacement from local problems and calls for flexibility. Sorry sir in my opinion it is time for a change.

My local House, hmmm, I wish I knew more but from just one forum and presentation I will keep who represents me now. It looks like issues are not as dramatic.

I just wish that we reverse trends of regulating, mandating, permitting, every aspects of our lives and businesses, hey! give us back our freedoms and liberties and Colorado should thrive.

And at the end, my dear commissioners, too bad we can not change all of you.My struggle here in the most beautiful part of our nation is because of your distance to the society you live among, lack of basic communication, lack of protecting your constituency from basic legal rights. Shall I continue?

Well I will not embarrass you. Since most of you run without opposition the only one I can vote out, – I will! It is simply time for a change, for somebody who will watch over your comfortably secured chairs even being in political minority, so next time a “pink slip” arrives you will know why.

It is not easy and I feel sorry for those who are not flexible. Nothing more than political views make us friends or enemies and the only ammunition we have is our single vote and brain.