Krane: Dark Ages want their mandate back |

Krane: Dark Ages want their mandate back

Matt Krane, Breckenridge

Re: “Your ballot is no secret to God,” by Nancy Thorsen, letters, Oct. 27

Ms. Thorsen, the Dark Ages just called and they want their mandate back. No, wait, maybe it was the Crusades. In just two minutes of religious belching, in a roundabout way, Ms. Thorsen has done much to illuminate the concept of/and the need for the separation of church and state. She is no different than the Koch Brothers and their recent announcement to 65,000 employees implying that should they not vote the Republican ticket, their jobs could be in jeopardy.

She’s proven what we all fear, that mixing religious zealotry, and world view politics is not unlike commingling church and state…the result is a bottoming out of the collective IQ quotient and the flight of “rational thinking and basic logic.” Thomas Jefferson and John Locke are turning over in their graves.

Matt Krane, Breckenridge

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